About Reggie

When Reggie Shaw was 19 years old he caused a fatal accident from texting while driving. He now dedicates his time and efforts into raising awareness towards the dangers of texting while driving. Reggie is an advocate in helping people of all ages understand the dangers of distracted driving. Reggie provides a personal and emotional message that will hit home to all. 

 Since 2008 Reggie has given nearly 300 presentations around the United States. He works closely with Zero Fatalities out of Salt Lake City. Reggie also currently works closely with youth as a youth basketball program director at Legends Sports and Fitness in Lehi, Ut. He is experienced in working with and talking to youth of all ages. Reggie was also awarded 2011 Volunteer of the Year by Zero Fatalities. 

Reggie’s public speaking began as court ordered service when he was 20 years old. He recognized the need for his message and his ability impact others lives through his message. He is very passionate about his message against texting while driving and is willing to share it with any audience to help save lives. Some of Reggie’s presentations and appearances include; The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Dr. Oz Show, presentations for the NBPA, the Detroit Lions and over hundreds of High Schools and businesses around the country.


images234Texting and Driving Story - Reggie Shaw

Popular Keynotes Include


Reggie specializes in safety presentations for your school or workplace.



Reggie made one poor choice that had a lifetime of consequences; let him help you in your everyday approach to choices.


Serving others has been the turning point in Reggie’s life.

“Make service a habit, make happiness a habit”


 “Make forgiveness quick and genuine; don’t waste your journey holding grudges.”

To contact Reggie please fill out form below or send message to Reggie at reggieshaw_4@hotmail.com


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